Texas Family Files Toxic Substance Lawsuit Over Benzene Exposure

Family files toxic substance lawsuit over benzene exposureThe wife and five kids of the deceased Earl Juneau have filed a toxic substance lawsuit against 11 companies, claiming they allowed Juneau to be exposed to benzene, and that this exposure resulted in his death.

According to the Southeast Texas Record, the lawsuit alleges that Juneau worked around benzene-containing products in his jobs as a process operator, shift foreman, relief department foreman and others. Juneau reportedly died of lymphoma, a cancer that originates in the lymphatic system, in 2009.

The toxic substances lawsuit has accused the 11 defendant companies of causing Juneau's death by exposing him to benzene despite knowing the health hazards of such exposure, failing to warn Juneau of such health hazards and failing to provide protective gear to Juneau while he was working with the chemical, according to the news source.

Among the defendants are several oil companies, which are accused of manufacturing commercial products containing benzene, and other defendants include those companies that allegedly allowed Juneau to work with the chemical.

"The conduct of defendants, as detailed above, indicates a conscious disregard for the health, welfare and safety of others and has resulted in untold human suffering, needlessly sacrificed lives and great economic loss," the complaint states.