Teen Girl Killed Trying to Save Cancer-Stricken Dog

A girl was killed in a car accident after attempting to flee her home to save her cancer-stricken dog.An 15-year-old girl was killed in an Illinois car accident after she stole away with her dog in her parents' mini van in order to avoid the planned euthanasia of her pet, according to published reports.

Taylor Mae Stinchcomb took off with her parents' vehicle at around midnight on June 21 with her pet Doberman pinscher, Romulus. The dog had recently been diagnosed with cancer and the family was considering putting it down, a move that Stinchcomb reportedly tried to avoid.

After leaving her home Stinchcomb picked up a friend, also 15, who then got behind the wheel because Stinchcomb was reportedly too upset to drive. Police said that friend, who has not been identified, lost control of the van, causing it to flip off the road and crash into several trees and a utility pole.

Although police said Stinchcomb was conscious when rescue crews arrived at the scene, she later died of multiple internal injuries. Her beloved pet was also killed after he was thrown from the vehicle on impact.

The other girl survived the crash with minor injuries.

About one in five car accidents in the U.S. involve an unlicensed driver, according to a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. However, many of those drivers have lost their licenses to multiple suspensions and other violations.