New Technology Helps Keep Teenage Drivers Safe

Many parents fear the day that their teenager starts driving. With car accidents being the biggest cause of teen deaths, it is no wonder that many parents are nervous about their teenagers driving. Some additional factors that lead to a high rate of road deaths for teenagers are a lack of seat-belt use, drunk driving and distractions.

Some car manufacturers are offering new technology that will allow parents to have a level of control over the driving of their teenager. Four of the systems that are being introduced are the MyKey from Ford, the BlueLink from Hyundai, the mbrace2 from Mercedes-Benz and the Family Link from GM. Ford introduced the MyKey technology as standard install on most vehicles in 2009, with it being updated in 2011. This new technology allows parents to program a second vehicle key with safety and driving restrictions in order to help encourage their teenager’s safety while driving.

The Ford MyKey, allows parents to program a maximum driving speed, up to 80mph, that their teenagers will be allowed to reach while driving. In addition, parents can monitor and block certain radio stations, set the car to chime when a seat-belt has not been fastened, including not allowing the radio to be turned on until seat-belts have been fastened. Parents can also choose to put a limit on the radio volume. Additionally, teenagers can be alerted about low fuel earlier than the car’s usual setting and parents can disable the ability to turn off essential driving aids, such as blind spot, park aid and traction control.

GM’s Family Link allows parents to find their teenager’s car on a map on their website and receive an email or text to alert them as to their teenager’s whereabouts. The Hyundai application allows parents to receive alerts about the speed their teenagers are traveling, curfew alerts, and geofence. It also includes roadside assistance.

These applications are a great way for parents to achieve peace of mind when their teenagers are driving. However, teenagers can also take measures to remain safe on the road and develop safe driving habits of their own. The number one priority for any driver, teenagers and adults alike, is to pay attention to the road.