Tracy A. Wood

Tracy A. Wood

Tucson Attorney

Tracy A. Wood is a personal injury attorney at Goldberg & Osborne’s Tucson and Sierra Vista offices. She gained extensive experience in law enforcement, family law, mediation, and criminal defense before joining the firm in 2022.

Ms. Wood graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in French Language and Literature and Southeast Asian Studies. She then worked as a police officer for the Seattle Police Department before getting her J.D. at the Seattle University School of Law.

While riding her bike to class during her second week of law school, Ms. Wood was hit by a car and began an interest in personal injury cases. Dealing with a broken collarbone and neck and back injuries while trying to get herself to school, take notes, drag heavy law books around, and still do all of her daily chores, including walking her dog, was overwhelming with all of the pain she was experiencing and the medical appointments she had to attend. The experience gave her a deep understanding of what injury clients go through.

Ms. Wood moved to Arizona in 2018 after having lived in several other states and working abroad. She loves the desert living, hiking, and great weather that Tucson has to offer.