Take Action Against H.R. 1215

Take Action Against H.R. 1215

Next week Congress is set to vote in the House of Representatives on the “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017”, otherwise known as H.R. 1215.

This legislation, if passed, will do anything but protect citizens against large corporations including insurance and pharmaceutical companies. It will repel rights set forth by our Arizona and US Constitution including capping noneconomic damages in lawsuits against health care providers to $250,000, and overriding state legislation including the provisions of at the federal level.

This law will hold true even in wrongful death cases where multiple defendants are involved.

Many current members of Congress were not around the last time there was a vote on these issues. Letting them know how you feel about the bill is the only way to potentially affect the vote’s outcome.

How Can I Help?

The American Association for Justice has launched a website, Take Justice Back, where you can directly write members of Congress and tell them to vote NO.

Visit Take Justice Back and let your voice be heard.

The time to act is now with the vote only a few short days away.