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Surgical mistakes refer to wrong-site surgeries and negligent procedural mistakes, like leaving a surgical tool inside the closed wound or incorrectly administering anesthesia. The incidence of surgical mistakes is reported to be alarmingly high.

Wrong-site surgeries get widespread attention during catastrophic cases like incorrect amputation or breast mastectomy, due to the often-incomprehensible negligence involved. Yet many times, smaller surgical mistakes go unreported, undocumented, or completely unnoticed. These surgical mistakes can range from errors regarding the monitoring of patients’ vital signs, the type and length of incision, the surgery itself, and the inadvertent cutting or injuring of nerves, organs, or other body parts. Post- and pre-surgical care and follow-up are also considered in the area of surgical mistakes.

Civil lawsuits have been filed when some type of failure of either the operating equipment or the doctors caused an accident. The wrong type of incision by a doctor could cause unnecessary complications. Operating room equipment malfunctions can also contribute to surgical errors. Moreover, errors in operation of that equipment, like prolonged use of a tourniquet without the surgeon’s knowledge can cause complications. Additionally, sleep-deprived surgeons may be putting their patients at risk for life-threatening problems.

An experienced Arizona medical malpractice lawyer can help evaluate the circumstances surrounding surgical mistakes and medical malpractice. A lawyer evaluating surgical mistakes can advise individuals if they have a possible case.

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