Suit Filed Over Hospital’s Care of Patients After Hurricane Katrina

Suit Filed Over Hospital's Care of Patients After Hurricane KatrinaA lawsuit claims that the Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans was negligently unprepared for the flooding that occurred during Hurricane Katrina, thus causing the deaths of many people who sought medical care and shelter there after the storm.

The class-action personal injury lawsuit includes as plaintiffs those who were at the hospital during the disaster and suffered injury or death, as well as their families, according to the New York Times. 

One of the allegations that is reportedly expected to be made during the trial regards the power outage experienced by the hospital, allegedly due to the management's unwillingness to move the electrical systems above the ground floor, which was flooded during the storm. 

Approximately 2,000 people were stranded at the hospital after the storm, according to The Associated Press, and officials later found 45 bodies in the facility, many of whom had reportedly died of dehydration allegedly caused by limited supplies and temperatures that rose to 100 degrees due to the power outage. 

According to the AP, 85 percent of New Orleans was covered in flood water after Hurricane Katrina passed through the area.