Study: California’s Central Coast Water the Most Toxic in the State

Study: California's central coast water the most toxic in the stateA recent statewide study in California came to the conclusion that stream waters in California's Central Coast are among the most toxic in the state.

The study closely follows a toxic substances lawsuit filed by a Monterey Coastkeeper against the Monterey County Water Resources Agency, accusing the organization of illegally discharging polluted water, the Monterey Herald reports.

The study monitored 992 sites throughout the state and found that 48 percent of them had water that killed aquatic organisms, which indicates some toxicity. In the central coast, 56 percent of all sites had some toxicity, and a full 22 percent were classified as "highly toxic," according to the news source. In the second most toxic region after the Central Coast, the portion of sites deemed highly toxic was just 12.5 percent.

Some experts believe the toxicity is primarily coming from the use of pesticides by farms and residential areas, while others point out that while some toxins are dangerous for marine life, they pose no threat to humans.

"We think that our water, being more toxic than Los Angeles water, is disgusting," said a representative of the Monterey Coastkeeper.