Studies Show that Drinking Energy Drinks and Alcohol Creates Desire for More Alcohol

A recent study in Australia found that when people drink alcohol mixed with energy drinks, they have a stronger desire to keep drinking compared to people who drink alcohol with soda water.

This study, published in the Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research Journal, was conducted on 75 participants between the ages 18 and 30. Each participant was assigned to drink either just alcohol or an alcohol and energy drink combination. The people in the energy drink group received a 60 ml of vodka and a Red Bull energy drink. The people in the other group received 60 ml of vodka and soda water. To control for taste preferences and to mask the differences, all the drinks had a fruity beverage added to the mixture.

Before and after finishing the drink, each participant was given a questionnaire about his or her drinking experience. Results were then analyzed for changes. According to the surveys, the alcohol and energy drink group had a stronger desire to continue drinking compared to the group drinking only alcohol.

While participants in the study drank the same amount of alcohol, if this survey has larger implications, there could be serious consequences. If there is a relation to drinking alcohol with energy drinks, those two could be much more dangerous than assumed. As people get tipsier and continue to drink, it becomes harder for people to quit drinking. The implications for DUI’s, binge drinking, and public health could be serious.

What Is the True Effect of Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks?

The unfortunate fact is that we still know very little about the true effects of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. Although scientific studies like this one have increasingly demonstrated that the mixture may be worse for a person’s health than alcohol alone, there are still many gaps in scientific knowledge in this area.

There is a growing interest in how energy drinks and alcohol interact in the human body. As energy drinks grow in popularity, especially at bars as a mixer, it becomes even more important to know the consequences so that the public can be properly informed. It could be a public safety hazard.

The energy drink industry continues to grow every year. While it started as a $3.8 billion business in 1999, by 2013 it had spread globally and was worth $27.5 billion. If the popularity of these beverages continues to spread, it is important to know just what risks they entail and the spectrum of their effects so that people can imbibe energy drinks responsibly.