Strip Club Patron Wins $650,000 Settlement in Personal Injury Lawsuit

Strip club patron claimed dancer's shoe struck his eye areaMichael Ireland has recently won a $650,000 lawsuit as the outcome of his personal injury lawsuit against Cheetah, a club in which a stripper allegedly kicked him in the face with her shoe heel.

According to Ireland's personal injury attorney, the strip dancer was walking on the bar wearing shoes with a metal heel, the Palm Beach Post reports. She turned in reaction to someone touching her, and accidentally struck Ireland's eye area with her heel.

The plaintiff's attorney claims that as a result of the incident, Ireland suffered several broken bones in his face and currently has permanent double-vision and dizziness, both of which are especially damaging considering that Ireland is a roofer, the attorney said.

Ireland's personal injury attorney claims the case initially received a lot of criticism and derision because the accident occurred in a strip club, but that he feels "the $650,000 settlement goes to show that this was a serious case with serious injuries." He suspects that further litigation may be necessary, however, since he doubts the nightclub's insurance carrier will easily consent to pay the $650,000 settlement.