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States Affected By Contaminated Ground Beef

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) made a report on their findings last Friday. They determined that ground beef that was tainted with Salmonella Typhimurium was responsible for the sicknesses of 22 people in 6 states. Seven of these people were hospitalized. Patients ranged in age from two years to eighty-seven years and 55% of those persons were male. People were sickened in Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. The CDC states this is a rare form of Salmonella that caused the illnesses. There were two companies responsible for the contaminated ground beef, Jouni Meats, Inc. and Gab Halal Foods of Michigan.

ground beefAlthough the recalled beef has been removed from consumer stores and restaurants, the CDC warns consumers to check their freezers. The ground beef was sold from mid-December to mid-February in many stores across the United States. Many people buy their ground beef and freeze it so it is possible that some of the recalled meat is still in freezers throughout America. The Center for Disease Control states that the type of salmonella found in the patients and the ground beef is rare and not seen very often according to Pulsenet. PulseNet is an agency that ties the Center for Disease Control with food regulation agencies to provide a network. This network tests foods for pathogens or other potentially dangerous infections.

The Center for Disease Control also wants to warn consumers about eating uncooked ground beef. Ground beef can harbor potentially dangerous bacteria. If the meat is not thoroughly cooked, these bacteria can stay alive in the food and affect someone who consumes it. Ground beef carries more danger than meats that have not been ground up.

Salmonella infections can affect victims in several ways. It can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, but it can also cause Reiter’s Syndrome, which in turn can cause arthritis. It can also cause blood infections that can spread all the way to the bone marrow.

With all this information in the media, people should learn more about Salmonella. Unfortunately, this bacterium has shown up several times in the news over the past few years. Not only has ground beef been tainted by it, but also peanuts and even fruits such as mangoes have been infected in recent years. The CDC warns consumers to be cautious and cook their meat thoroughly and wash their fruits before eating.