Starbucks Pays for Lady’s Fall in Coffee Shop

A woman who fell entering in a Starbucks has won a personal injury lawsuit against the coffee shop company.A woman who tripped and fell down the stairs after allegedly slipping on faulty tile in the rear entrance to a Pasadena Starbucks has won a $4.8 million settlement from the coffee shop giant, reports the Pasadena Star-News.

Mildred Rodgers, 78, broke her femur and was forced to have surgery two days later. Complications after the surgery led the to woman suffering a stroke four times throughout the year, according to her personal injury lawyer.

She also has lost the majority of her power of speech, speaking only in short sentences, and needs a wheelchair when not inside her home.

Starbucks had denied any problem with the floor, but a contractor hired in 2005 to temporarily fix the floor said it should be replaced.

A city health inspector reportedly told Starbucks the floor was unsafe only an hour before Ms. Rodgers' fall.

A Starbucks spokesperson responded to the lawsuit saying, "the safety of our customers is one of our highest priorities and we are sorry that Mrs. Rodgers was hurt in our store," according to the Star-News.