Slip-and-fall Lawsuit: Man Says Wife Slipped on Grapes at Wal-Mart

Man claims wife slipped and fell at Wal-MartSullivan Francis recently filed a civil lawsuit for unspecified damages against Wal-Mart Louisiana, claiming his wife slipped and fell on grapes in one of the store's aisles.

Sullivan claims his wife was injured while shopping in a Wal-Mart in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Louisiana Record reports.

His wife was allegedly walking near the vision center area of the store when she walked over a slippery substance and fell. Francis believes smashed grapes on the floor were what caused his wife to slip and fall, according to the new source.

The plaintiff has accused Wal-Mart of being negligent and claims that the store's employees knew that there were smashed grapes on the floor but failed to remove them or to warn customers of their presence, the news source reports.

Francis further claims that his wife's fall caused her debilitating, serious injuries that have since prevented her from providing him with companionship. He is suing Wal-Mart for loss of consortium and society with his wife, the news provider reports.