Sixth Lawsuit Filed in Connection with Deadly Megabus Crash

Multiple people were injured in a September Megasbus crash.Another passenger from a fatal Megabus crash at New York’s Onondaga Lake Parkway last September has filed a lawsuit against the company, according to the Syracuse Post-Standard.

The accident occurred early on the morning of September 11. The newspaper said the bus driver, John Tomaszewski, collided with the low hanging bridge at about 2:30 a.m., resulting in a crash that killed four passengers. Tomaszewski was arrested on four felony counts of criminally negligent homicide after police determined that he ignored multiple warnings from the bus’ GPS device about the low-hanging bridge, reported the paper.

The source said Philadelphia resident Carl Kerr filed a suit in March against Megabus, seeking more than $75,000 in damages for permanent personal injuries he claims resulted from the accident. Kerr’s is the sixth lawsuit filed by either injured passengers or family members of the deceased in connection with the crash.

The Megabus incident is one in a series of commercial bus accidents that have garnered media attention. Bus safety came under national scrutiny in March after a tour bus traveling from Connecticut to New York City crashed on a Bronx highway, killing 15 passengers.