Seven Americans Missing After Boat Capsizes Off Mexican Coast

Authorities are searching for seven Americans who went missing after their boat capsized off the coast of Mexico.Authorities are searching for seven Americans who are missing after a chartered ship capsized off Mexico's northwest coast on July 3.

The boat, carrying 26 Americans and 17 Mexicans, flipped at around 2:30 a.m. that morning due to a storm that created heavy winds which pushed the vessel over. So far, 19 tourists and 16 crew members who were aboard have been rescued after either swimming miles to shore or being plucked from the warm waters.

So far one American who has not been identified has been reported dead.

The U.S. Coast Guard has joined Mexican authorities in the search for the missing Americans. The Coast Guard announced it would use a C-130 aircraft to cover a more extensive search of the Sea of Cortez.

Authorities told media outlets that warm weather and water temperatures makes it very likely that the missing passengers could still be alive.

Theresa Beeler, whose husband Joseph was on the vessel, told the Modesto Bee that he was rescued after spending 15 hours adrift on a small boat. Beeler reportedly told his wife he only had about a minute to get off the boat before it capsized and added that some of the missing passengers may have been unable to get out of the boat.