Settlement Reached in Prison Beating Lawsuit

Settlement reached in prison beating lawsuitThe state of Michigan has recently agreed to pay a $100,000 settlement to a man who claimed he was beaten by his cellmate, allegedly resulting in permanent injuries.

Joseph Lyons filed the personal injury lawsuit against two employees of the now-closed prison, the Chicago Tribune reports. The lawsuit claimed that Lyons had had to share a cell with Vernard "Bone" Meadows, who was serving a sentence for second-degree murder. Meadows allegedly threatened to "butcher" Lyons, which prompted Lyons to request a change of cell, according to the news provider. He claims that this request was ignored by prison staff.

"He had complained of an imminent threat from a cellmate. Our allegation is the unit manager took it lightly," said Lyons' personal injury attorney.

Later, Meadows allegedly beat Lyons with a metal bar, which resulted in a head injury, memory loss and other permanent health problems, the lawsuit claims.

According to the Associated Press, Lyons was in prison for larceny. His personal injury attorney said that some of his settlement money will be used to compensate his victims.