Serious Injury in Maine Car Accident Prompts Victim’s Relative to Question Local Speed Limits

Serious Injury in Maine Car Accident Prompt's Victim's Relative to Question Local Speed LimitsDavid Brophy, the 79-year-old victim of a car accident that took place last week in Winslow, Maine, allegedly remains in critical condition at a hospital in Portland. This incident has led Brophy’s daughter, Jan Homer, to question the speed limits on local roads as well as the prevalence of dangerous driving, according to the Morning Sentinel.

The news source reports that Brophy was allegedly hit by a dump truck on August 16, while driving a Mercury Milan, at around 9:35 a.m. when he drove out of his driveway and into the oncoming truck’s path.

Local police stated that the truck, which was driven by Pittston resident Troy Chase, struck Brophy’s car with enough force to send it flying 70 feet down the road, into a ditch and across some grassy terrain. The car was entirely totaled, while Chase’s dump truck only sustained front-end damage.

Brophy was first taken to Maine General Medical Center in Waterville, and later transferred to the Portland-based Maine Medical Center. According to the news source, he remains there as of August 23, suffering from internal bleeding as well as a broken collarbone and several broken ribs.

Homer lives near her father, on Clinton Avenue, and has stated that the road’s traffic has often been dangerous for the past few years, making the crash that injured her father emblematic of the regularly present possibility of traffic accidents.

Police did not mention speed as a major contributing factor to the crash, the news source reports. However, Homer stated that she believed considerations should be taken into account by the town government to lower the speed limit from its current total of 45 miles per hour (mph) to 35 mph.

“I’d really like them to look at the speed limit and the trucks being allowed on that. They’re big rigs and they’re really going 55 mph,” Homer said, according to the news source.

She went on to note the considerable amount of elderly individuals who lived on Clinton Avenue, as well as the presence of two dance schools for children and a karate school.

Allegedly, Chase informed local police that he tried to avoid Brophy’s car by swerving, but was not able to do so. He did not receive any traffic citations.

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association, excessive speed contributed to 31 percent of fatal crashes, with 11,674 individuals killed in such deadly accidents throughout the U.S.