Seaman Seeks Nearly $1 Million After Slipping and Falling on Fluid

Seaman claims he slipped and fell on shipA Louisiana seaman has recently filed a personal injury suit against his employer after he allegedly slipped and fell on hydraulic fluid onboard a ship.

Hurby H. James has named Atlantic Sounding Co. and Weeks Marine In. as defendants in his personal injury lawsuit, according to the Louisiana Record.

He claims that in August of this year, he was employed by Atlantic Sounding and was performing assigned tasks onboard the M/V Alexandra. While going his job, he claims he slipped on hydraulic fluid that had been spilled on the deck of the ship. The slip-and-fall allegedly resulted in serious injuries to the seaman’s knee.

James is seeking more than $975,000 in damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, court costs, lost wages and loss of earning capacity, according to the news source.

He has accused Atlantic Sounding of failing to provide him with a safe working environment, failing to keep equipment onboard the ship repaired so that hydraulic fluid would not leak on the deck and failing to outfit the tank containing the fluid with a catch-pan, the news provider reports.