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The term “medical malpractice” describes instances when hospitals or medical professionals are neglectful in their responsibility to provide patients with appropriate medical services. Too often, lapses in care cause serious illnesses or devastating injuries. Every year countless thousands of patients suffer injuries that were easily preventable due to the negligent conduct of medical personnel.

If you suffered an illness or injury caused by sub-par medical treatment in Scottsdale, Arizona, Goldberg & Osborne vows not to take any shortcuts in fighting for your legal rights. Our malpractice lawyers have been handling difficult medical cases for over 20 years and are fully capable of assisting you no matter the nature of your claim. We not only pledge to hold those who caused your suffering accountable for their misconduct, but we will vigorously pursue the compensation you are rightfully entitled to by law.

Our law firm specializes in representing medical malpractice victims from a range of medical mistakes, including:

  • You had critical symptoms, which were not properly diagnosed.
  • You were given incorrect medications.
  • You were not given necessary medical treatment.
  • You were harmed during a medical procedure or operation.
  • You were not provided appropriate post-operative treatment.

Fighting for your rights since 1989

Proving a medical malpractice case is complex.

Goldberg & Osborne has been providing injury victims with experienced legal assistance since 1989, helping recover over $2 billion in compensation for over 60,000 clients across the nation.

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If you or a family member was harmed by sub-par medical care in Scottsdale, Arizona, you must get in contact with Goldberg & Osborne at once. Our Scottsdale malpractice attorneys have to begin looking into your claim immediately if you wish to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled by law. If you delay, your chances for obtaining compensation may be greatly reduced, as our attorneys may be unable to secure the evidence they need to prove medical malpractice has taken place.

That is why it is crucial you get in contact with Goldberg & Osborne right away. We are here to provide assistance, no matter the day or time of the week. Call 1-800-843-3245, or complete this quick online form for a cost-free, obligation-free case evaluation. Do not be afraid to voice your complaint. You have been through enough already. Let us handle your legal concerns today.

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