Safety Recalls: Where to Find, What to Do

Safety recalls are urgent messages to the public that states there is something wrong with a specific product, medicine or food. These can range from vehicles, baby items, meat, and milk. Everyday purchases can be recalled in the interest of public safety in order to prevent accidents and or illnesses. These recalls are voluntary by the manufacturer of the products.

There are numerous websites available to consumers to check on products that may have been recalled. is a website specific to medicine. At this website, you can find out whether any medications have been recalled. is an official website from the government where consumers are able to check on products that have been recalled. Consumers have the option to choose consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics and environmental products. is the Consumer Product Safety Commission website that offers several options, including a list of recall lawsuits and documents associated with the suit, a safety education portal, regulations, laws and standards portal, research and injury statistics related to products that have been recalled, and press releases for all recall notices. This website offers a mobile app as well. You can also register for email alerts for any newly recalled products.

Many stores also provide photos and descriptions of product recalls in their customer service departments.

If you suspect a product has been recalled, do not continue using the product. There are two choices a consumer can make when there is a recall on a specific product: throw it away or return it to the store where the product was purchased. The manufacturer will be specific on the recall, stating whether they will repair the product, refund your money or provide an exchange. The store will abide by these determined rules.

Make sure you do not eat or consume any food or medication that has been recalled. It could cause sickness or even death. Manufactured products that have been recalled can cause injuries to anyone who continues using them.