Relatives May File Suit Over Child’s Fatal Overdose

Relatives May File Suit Over Child's Fatal OverdoseThe family of a 2-year-old Michigan girl who swallowed some drugs at a party and died of an overdose may file a personal injury lawsuit against the caregivers at the event.

Awtumn Minnema ingested anti-psychotic medication at a relative's birthday party in November 2010, and died as a result, according to WOOD TV. The Kent County Prosecutor's Office told the news source that it will not be filing criminal charges in the case, as the "needless and tragic loss of a precious life" was not a criminal act. According to the prosecutor's office, there appears to have been no malice on the part of the caregivers, and it appears that everyone at the party was convinced the child had not consumed the drug.

The girl's grandmother, Connie Warner, has a different perspective on the incident.

"They knew she took those pills," Warner told the news source, adding that the family plans to file a personal injury lawsuit.

The news provider previously reported that the drug ingested by Awtumn was haloperidol. Haloperidol is sometimes sold under the brand name Haldol, and is used to treat psychotic disorders, extreme behavioral disorders and motor and verbal tics, according to the National Institutes of Health.