Recalled Chobani Greek Yogurt Still to Be Served in Schools?

Despite recent recalls for mold that allegedly caused dozens of people to become sick nationwide, Chobani has announced that their Greek yogurt is still going to be placed on student lunch trays in the upcoming weeks. Chobani representatives stated that the latest recall will not hinder their plans to start serving their protein-packed yogurt to youngsters in Arizona, Idaho, New York, and Tennessee starting this October. As a component of a new pilot program, Chobani Greek yogurt will be given a test run to see if it can land a long-standing contract as part of the $11 billion federal school lunch program.

Back on September 5, 2013, Chobani Inc. of Twin Falls, Idaho voluntarily recalled its Greek yogurt and ceased distribution of the product. At the time, the recall was due to bloating and swelling of the product container. Within a couple days, the Food and Drug Administration had already received 89 complaints from the public indicating signs of illness from ingesting the yogurt. As the case progressed, a total of 118 illnesses were reported, allegedly stemming from the tainted Chobani products.

Medical health officials determined that mold in the yogurt did not carry any potentially dangerous diseases and was not a public health threat. The mold was not shown to be linked to other prominent foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella, listeria, or E. coli. However, officials cited the ability of mold to act as a gateway for a variety of unpleasant illness in individuals hosting weak immune systems. According to the digital reports, most of the infected members of the public complained about cases of severe nausea and cramps.

Chobani stated that all grocery stores holding the moldy yogurt have properly disposed of the 35 contaminated varieties and eliminated the potential threat for consumers. Chobani also informed the public that 95% of the tainted product was properly destroyed. Furthermore, the company was able to locate the source of contamination at its Twin Falls, Idaho plant and has taken safety precautions to ensure this problem does not happen again.

The news that Chobani’s products will be making an appearance at public schools has been met with outspoken concerns from parents who are worried for their children’s safety. Obviously, no parent wants their child to be served a tainted school lunch. Amy Juaristi, a spokeswoman from Chobani, has released a statement that the yogurt being supplied to these schools was never part of the large-scale recall. She claims that schools will only be receiving yogurt from the Chobani facility located in New York, rather than the Idaho plant that produced the recalled product last month.