Rash of Car Accidents in Arizona and Surrounding Area Claim Several Lives

Rash of Car Accidents in Arizona and Surrounding Area Claim Several LivesOn August 5, the first car accident in a series of several took place between Monument Valley, Utah and Kayenta, Arizona, claiming the life of two Utah high school students. The trend continued the following day, in a crash that killed an elderly woman. The chain of tragic automobile crashes culminated two days later, on August 8 in Mesa, where a woman and her two children were injured, but not killed.

According to the San Juan Record, the first incident killed Carol Linda Tsosie and Latisha Holiday, both of whom had recently graduated from Monument Valley High School in late spring of 2011. The crash occurred sometime in the early morning of August 5, and injured three other occupants in the vehicle Tsosie and Holiday were traveling in, whose names were not released to the news source. The three injured passengers were, however, expected to make full recoveries.

The Associated Press reported on August 6 that yet another accident had occurred in Buckeye, killing a woman who was estimated to be about 90 years old.

As stated by deputy officers of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, the crash took place at approximately 7:40 am, when the woman, whose name was not released to AP at the time of the report, allegedly ran a stop sign at the intersection of State Highway 85 and Rainbow Road in Buckeye, leading to a collision with a pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup truck was fortunate enough not to be killed. He was transported by local paramedics to a hospital in the Buckeye area, and had suffered injuries that were not believed to be life-threatening.

Two days later, a woman was driving on Lindsey Road in Mesa, Arizona, with two of her infant children accompanying her, when she began driving in a manner that was extremely erratic. Her actions began a chain of side-swipes and collisions that ended with her car hitting a brick wall and flipping over entirely, according to the Tucson Citizen.

Sergeant Ed Wessing, a spokesman for the Mesa Police Department, described the accident in detail for the news source.

The woman, whose name was not supplied to the Citizen but whose age was cited as 32, allegedly began cutting ahead of vehicles waiting at a red light while heading north on Lindsay Road. After allegedly side-swiping two cars, she turned onto Southern Avenue and without warning ended up driving off the road, slamming straight into a brick wall. The impact of this hit caused her vehicle, a small sedan, to lift from the ground and flip over, police reported.

Police and rescue professionals had to forcibly enter the car to extract the injured woman and her children safely. The youngsters, who had been sitting in proper car seats with seat belts securely buckled, were extracted first, as they were more easily and quickly reached. Afterwards, rescuers were able to retrieve their mother.

The woman, who unlike her children had not been wearing a seat belt, survived the accident, but received serious injuries to her lower body. Her children – one of whom was only four months old, the other estimated at about 22 months – were largely unharmed, most likely due to their seat belts and car seats. All three occupants of the vehicle were hastily transported to various hospitals in the Mesa area.

The news source reported that the causes of the injured woman’s highly dangerous driving had not been determined. Officials for the Mesa Fire Department who were present at the scene of the accident initially reported that she had been driving at an excessive speed. Sergeant Wessing told the news source that he could not positively confirm or deny that initial conclusion.