Quadriplegic Sues Disney Over Delayed Ride Evacuation

Quadriplegic Sues Disney Over Delayed Ride EvacuationA quadriplegic claims that the Walt Disney Company violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by failing to evacuate him promptly from a broken ride, causing him to experience a dangerous spike in blood pressure.

Jose Martinez's personal injury lawsuit claims that in 2009, he was riding the "It's a small world" ride in Disneyland when the ride's boats got stuck near the exit of the attraction's final tunnel, according to the Orange County Register. He allegedly had to wait 40 minutes stuck on the ride while other visitors were evacuated, and allegedly suffered a painful, potentially life-threatening spike in blood pressure known as dysreflexia. He told ride staff that he needed to be promptly evacuated, but claims that he had to remain on the ride until it started up again, at which point he was taken to a first-aid station and given blood pressure medication.

In 2009, another lawsuit was filed against Disney that claimed a visitor suffered health problems while at one of the company's parks, the Telegraph reports. A British teenager allegedly suffered heart attacks leading to brain damage after riding the popular "Tower of Terror" ride at Disney World.