Potential Lawsuit Regarding Child Pricked With Dirty Needles at Hospital

Three-year-old girl pricked by dirty needles in hospitalThree-year-old Hailey Rodriguez recently pricked herself with a needle from a medical waste bin and her family is currently considering a lawsuit while waiting to see if the incident infected Rodriguez with HIV or hepatitis.

Rodriguez was taken to Montefiore Medical Center in New York City by her mother and grandmother for a minor rash, the New York Post reports. While her mother was speaking to the doctor, Rodriguez reached into an open medical waste bin located on the floor of the room and pricked herself with used needles.

The girl was immediately taken to the emergency room for treatment, and has been given a month's supply of a cocktail used to treat HIV by the hospital. 

According to CBS New York, Rodriguez will have to be tested regularly for the next six months to see if any tests, including tests for HIV and hepatitis, come back positive. 

The family's lawyer alleged that Montefiore was negligent in allowing the bin of dirty needles to be on the floor and in failing to fix the broken protective cover of the bin. 

According to the New York Post, the family's attorney has said the family will likely file a lawsuit against the hospital.