Police Officers File Toxic Substances Lawsuit Over Meth Fumes Exposure

Police officers file toxic substances lawsuit over meth fumes exposureThree police officers who were once employed by the city of Butler, Missouri, have filed a toxic substance lawsuit against the former police chiefs and the former mayor of the city. The lawsuit claims that the three officers suffered permanent health consequences following a raid they performed on a methamphetamine laboratory.

The officers had been given a search warrant for a property that was suspected of functioning as a meth lab, according to the Associated Press. The lawsuit claims that on the day of the raid, the meth lab’s operators began to dispose of the drug in a way that created a toxic fog that the three officers inhaled while entering the premises.

The Kansas City Star reported that the officers were hospitalized with heart murmurs and chemically-induced pneumonia after the raid. Their toxic substance lawsuit claims that the city of Butler had received grant money for breathing masks that would protect police officers from toxic fumes, but the officers were never trained on how to use the masks. As a result of the meth fumes exposure, the officers will allegedly suffer lifelong health problems. They seek unspecified damages from the plaintiffs, according to the news source.