Police in Flint, Michigan, Track Down Car Involved in Fatal Car Accident

Police in Flint, Michigan, Track Down Car Involved in Fatal Car AccidentOn Monday, August 15, police in Flint, Michigan, managed to determine the car allegedly involved in a fatal car accident that took place the previous week, on August 11. The development will allow the Flint Police Department to continue with their investigation of the crash, according to the Flint Journal.

The news source reports that Flint police have confirmed the previously unknown vehicle as having been a GMC Blazer, a sizable sport utility vehicle (SUV). Allegedly, this vehicle, driven by a woman who has not yet been named to the press by police, collided with a car driven by Dennis Rowe, a resident of Genesee Township, after Rowe's car abruptly changed lanes.

According to police, the crash caused Rowe's car to spin backwards and set off a three-car collision, which threw Rowe from his car. He succumbed to his injuries on the scene and was pronounced dead on Thursday evening.

The police told the news source that their initial investigation had at first been focused on a different vehicle. Upon their first survey of the crash scene, police found a part of the body from a Pontiac Grand Prix, marked with a tire track, and acted on the assumption that a Grand Prix was the car they were looking for, which had fled the scene, as confirmed by Sergeant Michael Coote of the Flint Police Department Traffic Division.

"We were just kind of misdirected by physical evidence," Coote said, according to the news source.

Testimony from the scene allegedly identified a Blazer as the offending vehicle. The night following the accident, a woman phoned Flint police and identified herself as the Blazer's driver, providing a fully detailed statement regarding what had occurred.

According to the Michigan State Police, 282,075 automobile crashes occurred in 2010, resulting in over 70,000 injuries and 937 deaths, with a total of 868 crashes where all involved were killed.