Police Cruiser in Massachusetts Destroyed in Car Accident

Police Cruiser in Massachusetts Destroyed in Car AccidentOn the night of Wednesday, August 8, a cruiser belonging to the police department of Westborough, Massachusetts, was allegedly hit without warning by another car and totaled. The accident took place at the intersection of U.S. Route 9 and Lyman Street, according to the Boston Globe.

The news source reports that the totaled cruiser was a brand new Ford Crown Victoria. It had been purchased only a week ago. Lieutenant Robert Fryer of the Westborough Police Department confirmed the vehicle’s cost as $37,510, and also stated that it had been outfitted with specialized police equipment that was also brand new.

According to a statement released by Westborough police, Officer Tyson Delong had been passing through the Lyman Street intersection on his way down Route 9, responding to a burglar alarm call, when another car allegedly sped through the intersection and struck Delong’s vehicle.

Joseph Andersen, identified by the Westborough police as a resident of Oxford, Massachusetts, allegedly hit the police cruiser with his 2007 Honda Accord.

Both Andersen and Officer Delong were treated at the scene by local paramedics for minor injuries. They were then sent to the University of Massachusetts Medical Hospital, to undergo further treatment. Delong was released on the morning of August 11. At the time of the news report, no information was available on Andersen’s condition from the Westborough Police Department.

According to the news source, Andersen’s car sustained considerable damage as well. No charges have been filed, although the crash remains under investigation.

In 2006, 149,860 car accidents occurred in Massachusetts, resulting in 4,579 severe injuries and 429 deaths, according to the state’s Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). Two years later in 2008, the most recent year for which EOPSS data is available, 136,384 crashes took place and caused 3,747 serious injuries and 363 fatalities.