Pinal County Chief Deputy Assessor Arrested Following Automobile Accident

The Pinal County Chief Deputy Assessor was arrested and later booked for driving under the influence of alcohol. As police forces across the state of Arizona continue to work to prevent drivers from operating vehicles while under the influence of alcohol and other potentially harmful substances, one of the highest-ranking officials in the state charged with promoting safety appears to have been implicated in such an incident, according to recently published reports.

Pinal County Chief Deputy Assessor Jaqueline Minto was arrested on Thursday, September 15th, according to a report from The Casa Grande Dispatch. Minto was allegedly arrested after a vehicle she was operating ran a red light.

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Tim Gaffney confirmed reports that alcohol appears to have played a factor in the automobile accident. Gaffney said that when police responded to the scene, Minto showed obvious signs of alcohol impairment.

The incident, which took place at 7:12 p.m., according to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department, was shocking to officials who had worked with Minto. Gaffney said that Minto is thought to have been driving her vehicle when she ran a red light, crashing into the back of another vehicle near Hunt Highway and Bella Vista Road in San Tan Valley.

The driver of the other vehicle was reportedly severely hurt during the automobile accident. The operator of that vehicle was taken to Banner Ironwood Hospital after sustaining injuries so doctors could treat potentially serious harm inflicted to the neck, head, legs and arms, according to the news provider.

For her part, Minto reportedly admitted to drinking an alcoholic beverage at a bar just before the alleged incident occurred.

“She admitted to drinking ‘a glass of wine’ at a bar just prior to the accident,” according to Gaffney. “She submitted to field sobriety tests, which showed numerous clues of impairment,” he added.

When she took two blood alcohol content tests, Minto is reported to have registered 0.183 percent and 0.173 percent respectively. The test was administered through a portable breath test and blood draw, according to the news provider.

The 50-year-old Minto is a resident of San Tan Valley, and she was arrested following the incident. She was booked into jail for driving under the influence of alcohol to the slightest, DUI more than 0.08 percent, extreme DUI more than 0.15 percent and aggravated assault, according to The Dispatch.

She is expected in court in Coolidge on November 16.