Phoenix Woman Allegedly Driving Without Headlights Crashes in to State DPS Vehicle

Phoenix Woman Allegedly Driving Without Headlights Crashes in to State DPS VehicleOverwhelming evidence suggests that driving at night is far more dangerous than driving in daylight hours, but one Arizona resident allegedly made the task even more difficult by driving the streets of Phoenix without her lights on.

According to Fox News KSAZ, the woman’s night ride ended in a crash with a Department of Public Safety worker.

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 9, the woman was entering State Route 51 from the northbound on-ramp at Indian School Road when she struck the car. A DPS spokesman stated that the collision occurred after an officer had pulled over a man driving in a sport utility vehicle on suspicion of drunk driving, who was later arrested by the officer.

As he was pulling away from the traffic stop, the woman, driving a Toyota brand vehicle without the aide of any lights, struck the officer’s car. However, the safety official was not hurt in the crash, the news provider stated.

After the collision, the woman pulled over as the policeman approached her for questioning. In the end, the woman, whose identity was not released, was cited for the crash as well as for driving without a license.

Neither the crash nor the police stop caused any major traffic backups, according to the media outlet.

According to Smart Motorist, although less traffic is usually present during the night, fatal auto accidents are highly reported after dark. Many drivers underestimate the significant differences darkness makes in drivers’ abilities to cope with what are normally standard driving situations.

Often, feelings of fatigue are exacerbated by nighttime driving, and vision is highly limited.