Phoenix Police Search For Driver In Alleged Hit-And-Run

Police are searching for the driver of a car who injured a cyclist in a hit-and-run.The Phoenix Police Department has yet to make any progress in its investigation of an alleged hit-and-run accident that occurred in the city on Saturday, September 24.

A spokesperson for the department confirmed police deputies are intensifying their investigation into the alleged hit-and-run event, which reportedly occurred in the afternoon.

Phoenix investigators said they believed a four-door sedan was involved in the alleged crash. Deputies from the Phoenix Police Department also asserted they believe the automobile was either silver or white and has tinted windows.

Witnesses who were allegedly present at the time of the hit-and-run told police investigators that the driver of the vehicle struck and critically injured a cyclist as he tried to cross at a walkway on 83rd Avenue and Camelback.

Aside from the description of the automobile, Phoenix Sergeant Tommy Thompson said deputies have little other information, according to a report from KTAR News. Thompson affirmed police deputies were encouraging anyone with any knowledge of the alleged incident to come forward.

“This is one where someone came home and could not explain the damage to their vehicle or someone seems a little bit nervous, something just doesn’t seem right. That very well could be the individual who struck and injured this man,” he said.