Phoenix High Speed Chase Ends in Violent Crash

Phoenix High Speed Chase Ends in Violent CrashAn armed robbery suspect suffered extensive injuries and caused significant damage in a crash after being chased through town by law enforcement officials, KTVK News reports.

According to the news source, the accident occurred at about 11:15 a.m. on Thursday, November 3, at the intersection of 4th Street and Bell Road. Trent Crump of the Phoenix Police Department told the media that the problem began at a nearby Famous Footwear shoe store.

Police first responded to a call of a robbery at the shoe store, but by the time the officers arrived, the suspect had fled the scene. Officials say the suspect's vehicle was then spotted roughly one mile from the robbery, near the intersection of 12th street and Grovers Avenue.

Police say the vehicle matched the description given by witnesses, while the driver matched initial descriptions of the suspected robber, leading police to pursue the vehicle.

The news provider states that when the officers attempted to pull the car over, the driver refused, and instead, sped away from the police. Shortly after her attempt to flee, the suspect allegedly crashed into a Ford F-150 pickup truck while speeding through the intersection of Union Hills Drive and Cave Creek Road, about three miles from where the robbery occurred.

In the crash, the suspect sustained serious injuries, and shortly after being taken into police custody was rushed to a local hospital for immediate treatment.

Although the driver of the pickup truck claimed to have not suffered any injury in the accident, the man was taken to an area hospital as a matter of precaution, the news source stated.

Now, investigation of the incident is heating up, as detectives from both the Robbery and Vehicular Crimes units have begun to analyze the case. Officials say they are still working to piece all of the day's events together, however the investigative team says a weapon has been recovered at the scene of the crash.

No information on the suspect has been released at this time, however Crump told the media outlet that the woman was already under suspicion for robberies in other areas in Phoenix as well as in Scottsdale.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, driving too fast for the conditions led to 145 fatal crashes in 2010, comprising nearly 17 percent of all crashes in the state.