Phoenix Car Accidents Leave One Dead, Two Others Injured

Phoenix Car Accidents Leave One Dead, Two Others InjuredA pair of accidents in the Phoenix, Arizona area only three blocks from each other have left one child dead, a pregnant woman severely injured and another victim in the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries, The Arizona Republic reports.

According to the news source, a three-car pileup near the intersection of 91st Avenue and Thomas Road allegedly caused the injuries to the 11-year-old boy and the 20-year-old pregnant woman. Phoenix Fire Captain Scott Walker stated that a 41-year-old woman involved in the T-bone crash also suffered injuries, though she is expected to fully recover.

Only minutes after the first accident, a 4-year-old boy was allegedly hit by a Ford Explorer in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart shopping center near the same intersection, fire and police reports indicate. After the child was hit, a registered nurse standing nearby administered CPR on the boy, who was found to not be breathing and without a pulse, until medical responders arrived at the scene.

Police told the news source that the boy allegedly ran in front of the sport utility vehicle while his mother was loading groceries into the car. The boy later died from his injuries.

Investigators determined the driver of the SUV was not impaired at the time of the accident.

Another pedestrian accident involving a hit-and-run was caught on tape in Phoenix after police decided to video tape traffic in front of a local elementary school, ABC affiliate News 15 reports.

According to the media outlet, the accident occurred just before 8 a.m. on Wednesday, December 7, when a red Chevrolet truck turned left from 55th Avenue on Hubbell Street, allegedly hitting an elderly man who had jumped in the street to keep his grandson from being struck.