Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Claiming Brain Damage From Taser Use

Personal injury lawsuit filed over taser useA mother has filed a personal injury suit against the police of Perry Township, Ohio, claiming that they Tasered her son, causing him to fall from a fence and sustain brain damage.

Twenty-three-year-old Matthew T. Hook suffered from a drug addiction prior to the incident, according to the Columbus Dispatch. Earlier this year, he was escaping from police driving an allegedly stolen SUV before climbing out and attempting to scale a fence to escape from law enforcement on foot. The personal injury suit claims that the police proceeded to use "deadly excessive force" in Tasering him while he was climbing the fence, allegedly causing him to plunge eight feet to the ground and sustain permanent brain damage. The suit claims that Hook is now "incompetent and severely disabled."

The plaintiffs' personal injury attorney argues that the police ignored instructions provided for the Taser by the manufacturer, which allegedly warn against using the weapon on a subject located on an elevated surface, since such a subject may fall due to the shock and sustain serious injuries.

"Officers know better than to Tase a nonviolent person who is standing on a fence," the personal injury attorney added.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, at least 148 people in the U.S. and Canada have died since 1999 after being shocked by Tasers.