Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Marriott Hotel in West Virginia

Personal injury suit filed against Marriott hotelA couple recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a Marriott hotel in Charleston, West Virginia, claiming that the man suffered injuries due to the hotel staff's negligence in leaving a serving tray on the floor.

Christopher Kessler claims to have been a guest of the hotel in early 2010, according to the West Virginia Record. A serving tray placed on the ground allegedly went unnoticed by Kessler due to mood lighting, and he stepped on the tray, according to the lawsuit. The tray "became a ski," the lawsuit claims, causing Kessler to slide and fall to the floor, sustaining injuries to his elbow and lower back.

Kessler also claims that the defendant offered him $3,500 in exchange for the complete release of all claims, but did not offer to cover treatment of the injuries. This offer was allegedly politely refused by the plaintiff.

According to WebMD, back pain can result from trauma, and can be treated through a variety of methods, including medication, exercise and physical therapy.