Paulina Rubio Arrested After Miami Car Crash

Paulina Rubio was arrested following a Miami car accident.Mexican singer Paulina Rubio was arrested in Miami after refusing to comply with police after crashing her BMW into another vehicle.

According to an arrest report, Rubio collided with another car while driving in the city's Little Havana neighborhood. However, it was her treatment of local law enforcement and not the actual crash that landed Rubio in trouble.

Rubio reportedly refused to get out of her vehicle after she was prompted by police and then allegedly cursed at an officer before declaring that, "All of you Miami cops are abusive." Afterwards, the report said Rubio told a police officer that she would not get out of her vehicle in a "very agitated" state and then "frantically" began to make phone calls.

The pop star was then placed in handcuffs, after which she reportedly threatened to call her attorney and told police they would regret their actions. Rubio was charged with refusing to obey a lawful command and was reportedly not taken into custody because she said she needed to breastfeed her 6-month-old baby.

Rubio has sold more than 20 million albums and became internationally famous after the release of her fifth studio album "Paulina". The singer has been nominated for multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy awards.