Patients Sue Hospital Over Excessive Radiation Exposure During CT Scans

Patients Sue Hospital Over Excessive Radiation Exposure During CT ScansThree former patients of Cabell Huntington Hospital in West Virginia and their personal injury attorneys have filed a notice of claim against the facility, alleging they were exposed to excessive radiation levels during CT scans.

The personal injury lawsuit states that between Oct. 9, 2009, and Nov. 23, 2010, those who underwent CT angiography procedures were exposed to higher than recommended radiation levels, the Charleston Gazette reports. The hospital reportedly sent out notification letters to every patient believed to have been affected, informing them of the excessive radiation and urging them to talk to their doctors.

Plaintiffs Tammy Green, Michael J. Lucas and Kathryn Hamlin say that after undergoing the CT scan procedure, they experienced hair loss, fatigue, weakness and burning sensations on their faces and heads, according to the West Virginia Record. 

Their personal injury attorneys say that the class-action complaint is to include the "hundreds, if not thousands" of West Virginia residents who were overradiated at Cabell Huntington. They seek actual and punitive damages for their clients and demand a jury trial, according to the news source.