Patient Sues Hospital Over Sponge Left Inside Him Following Surgery

Patient files suit over sponge left inside him after surgeryA Texas jury recently found DeTar Hospital Navarro liable for a sponge being left inside a patient after surgery, and awarded damages of $4.08 million.

Ronald Molder went to the hospital in 2008 to have his gallbladder removed, the Victoria Advocate reports. Surgeon John Barber performed the procedure, according to court records.

Several months after the operation, Molder was taken to the emergency room, experiencing severe pain and a fever. A CT scan performed at the hospital revealed that a surgical sponge had been left inside the patient, and his gallbladder was still in place, the news source reports.

Molder ended up spending 80 days in the hospital and accumulating nearly $300,000 in medical bills, according to the news provider.

Barber was cleared of liability after his attorney was able to convince the jury that Barber had removed a mass that appeared to be the gallbladder, and that the presence of the gallbladder was not what caused Molder's medical problems several months after the surgery.

"The jury said it was 100 percent the sponge," the attorney claimed. 

Witnesses for the plaintiff claimed that Molder remains incapacitated following the incident.