Party Bus Accident Critically Injures Michigan Man

A man was critically injured after he was hit on the head while riding a part bus for his friends bachelor party.A Michigan man was seriously hurt after sticking his head out of an emergency exit hatch while celebrating a friend's bachelor party on a party bus, WDIV News reports.

Salvator Tatullo reportedly popped his head out of an emergency exit on the roof of the bus on Interstate 94 near Detroit's east side. The 24-year-old slammed his head into an overpass moments after emerging from the emergency hatch, according to the news station, knocking him unconscious.

Tatullo was transported to St. John's Hospital where he is in critical condition, reported the media outlet.

Party busses can carry large groups and typically provide alcohol, loud music and festive lighting.

There have been multiple reports of fatalities connected with party busses in recent months. In September, two Michigan men were killed in a freak accident on a party bus after a door swung open and they fell out. In January, another state resident also died after falling out of an emergency exit of party bus.