Parents Sue Over Daughter’s Skydiving Death

Parents sue over daughter's skydiving deathA California couple has filed a lawsuit against six skydiving companies, claiming that their negligence in maintaining their equipment and disclosing their safety record resulted in their daughter's death.

Jennifer McCoun died in a hospital due to injuries sustained during a jump in early 2009, according to the Californian. James and Marilyn McCoun's personal injury lawsuit states that a worn Velcro fastener on their daughter's jump equipment resulted in her death. Had the plaintiffs changed the worn component, her death would have been prevented, the suit states.

The McCouns also claim that the website of the six skydive operators, which they claim are all interconnected and are all essentially the same service provider, failed to disclose two previous fatalities. Had the website listed the fatalities, the McCouns claim, their daughter would have chosen another company for her jump. The personal injury lawsuit also states that even after Jennifer's death, the company's website maintained that it had a perfect safety record.

"For somebody to completely state: 'We've never had a death,' it's the height of arrogance [and] terribly insulting," James McCoun said.

In 2009, there were 2.5 million parachute jumps nationwide. These resulted in 16 fatalities, according to the New York Daily News.