Parents Sue Disney Over Son’s Nacho Cheese Burns

Parents Sue Disney Over Son's Nacho Cheese BurnsA California couple accuses Walt Disney Parks and Resorts of negligently serving scalding hot nacho cheese to their son during a family vacation to Disney World, which allegedly caused him to sustain severe burns when it accidentally spilled on his face.

Isaiah Harris allegedly suffered second and third degree burns from the cheese, which the family's personal injury attorney claims are consistent with the cheese being at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the incident, according to CBS News, though he admits he is not yet aware of the exact temperature. The boy allegedly received treatment at a local hospital for these burns, and the personal injury lawsuit claims he was still receiving medical treatment 11 months after the incident.

The family's suit claims that they were not warned of the cheese's temperature.

"I think the parents, like the child, like any reasonable person, would have an expectation of food being served to children would be served at a reasonable temperature," their personal injury attorney said.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Isaiah's parents ask to be compensated by Disney for medical and legal costs. They also seek punitive damages and any other relief the court deems proper.