Parents of 10-Year-Old File Lawsuit Against Cartwright School District

Parents of a student who allegedly died at a Phoenix area school are suing the Cartwright School District.The parents of a boy who died during a physical education class have filed a lawsuit against the Cartwright School District, according to reports. 

Bryan Burgos was 10 years old when he allegedly collapsed in the yard of the Davidson Elementary School, located in Phoenix, on September 16, 2010. ABC 15 News reports temperatures that day exceeded 100 degrees.

After Burgos reportedly collapsed, police and fire officials did not arrive on the scene for 11 minutes, according to a report regarding the alleged incident from the Phoenix Fire Department.

Fellow students were reportedly the first people to observe that Burgos had collapsed as a result of the extreme heat, police reports indicate. A teacher is reported to have then checked on Burgos. When the teacher reportedly noticed he was unresponsive, she called another educator at the school for assistance, according to the police report.

The teachers reportedly called a nurse twice, as they could not locate his pulse.

Joel Burgos and Karia Anchondo, the 10-year-old boy's parents, filed a lawsuit earlier in the month against the school district. Their suit alleges "Bryan wrongfully died," as "a direct and proximate result of the Defendants' negligence."

Moreover, Burgos and Anchondo's lawsuit contends their son's death could have been prevented had school authorities limited students' outdoor activities that day.

"The District and the school knew or should have known that allowing children to engage in vigorous physical activity such as the Gauntlet would expose the children to the forcible risk of harm," according to their lawsuit.

Thus far, there have been no hearing dates set for the case, according to officials.