Parents File Toxic Substances Lawsuit Against Haunted House Attraction

Parents file lawsuit against haunted house attractionThe parents of a girl that had attended a haunted house attraction operated by Halloween Productions have filed a toxic substances lawsuits against the company, claiming that exposure to the artificial fog in the house caused their daughter's death.

Britney Holmes's parents had each filed lawsuits that may be consolidated, according to the Belleville News-Democrat. Both claim that exposure to unknown chemicals in the artificial fog in the haunted house caused their daughter to experience breathing problems soon after exiting the attraction. Her brain was allegedly deprived of oxygen for more than seven minutes due to the exposure, and she spent a year in a vegetative state before passing away in November, the news provider reports.

Holmes's father claims he filed the suit to prevent other visitors to the haunted house from getting exposed to potentially toxic fog and to fund Holmes's medical bills, which allegedly exceed $1 million.

Holmes suffered from asthma since the age of 4, according to the news source. Asthma flare-ups involve swelling and excess mucus production in the airways, which can cause breathing difficulty, according to the Mayo Clinic.