Parents File Suit on Behalf of Child Injured During Recess

Parents sue over child injured during recessThe parents of Jack Zeidler recently filed a lawsuit against Sherwood School in Illinois and the North Shore School District for allowing their son to get hurt during recess, and later allowing him to exacerbate the injury during a high-jump event hosted at the school.

According to the Zeidlers' personal injury lawsuit, their son was tackled during a recess football game, resulting in serious injuries including compression and burst fractures to his spine, Highland Park News reports.

The suit alleges that school officials should have known that fifth-grade boys would be likely to play football aggressively, and should therefore have carefully monitored the game.

The suit further claims that the school allowed Zeidler to exacerbate his previous football injury during a school-run high jump activity that occurred several months after the football game, according to the news source. The defendants are accused of not providing adequate padding in the high jump area, and allowing Zeigler to participate despite knowing of his recent injury.

The personal injury lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount in damages, the news provider reports.