North Phoenix Rollover Crash Results in Five Injuries

North Phoenix Rollover Crash Results in Five InjuriesA serious car accident in north Phoenix resulted in five people being treated for varying injuries, ABC affiliate News 15 reports.

According to the media outlet, police say the rollover crash occurred at the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Greenway Avenue, and is believed to have been the result of a bout of road rage on the part of both drivers.

Reports show three people were ejected from the vehicle, including a 17-year-old girl who was taken to the hospital with a serious head injury. The two others in the car were treated for minor injuries. Witnesses told the news source the car apparently lost control and hit the curb on Greenway Road, which caused it to flip and slide until hitting a tree.

According to the Arizona Family, emergency crews say that when they first arrived at the scene, a fourth teenager was attempting to climb out of the vehicle, which was badly damaged. A fifth passenger was also injured.

Phoenix Police Officer James Holmes told the news provider that the accident was likely caused by road rage, and started when the driver of a red Ford truck began trailing closely behind a silver Toyota. The teenage driver of the Toyota then allegedly rolled down his window and stuck out his middle finger at the truck driver.

The driver of the Ford then reportedly through a bottle at the teenager’s car as it sped passed. The teenager then allegedly attempted to speed up to the truck, but then lost control of his vehicle.

Holmes stated that both the truck driver and the teenaged driver could face charges of disorderly conduct, while the truck driver could be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

“We are very lucky today,” Holmes said. “But there’s no reason for this, there’s no reason for the injuries that occurred and there’s no reason for adults to behave this way.”