North Phoenix Car Crash Knocks Out Power for 1,800 Utility Customers

A power outage was caused when a car hit a tree. Police forces in Arizona were busy last week responding to a string of car accidents, with one causing a significant amount of damage, according to witness reports.

Some residents of North Phoenix lost power on Thursday, September 15th, when a car accident resulted damage to a power line. Utility officials in the area said that the downed transmission wire caused headaches for crews, as they worked to restore power following the power supply disruption.

According to a report from 3TV News, there was a three-car accident in the northern part of Phoenix last Thursday. During the incident, the driver of a vehicle was rear-ended by the operator of another vehicle, according to police reports.

“It was like Bam! I got hit hard, and it was like getting hit by a…train,” asserted George Lindell, one of the drivers involved in the accident. “It was like being hit by a rocket.”

The driver of the car who was hit affirmed he had hoped to avoid hitting other cars. However, in the process of trying to prevent further damage, that driver veered off to the side of the road. While he avoided contact with cars in front of him on the roadway, he instead smashed into a power pole, bringing down several power lines in the process, according to the news provider.

Witnesses reported that after the driver made impact with the power line, the car he was operating flipped onto its side, trapping him inside. Transmission and distribution lines promptly fell onto his car, entangling it with their high-voltage electricity, according to the police. The other two cars involved in the crash were also draped in the power lines.

Firefighters were called to the scene. They were able to eventually dislodge the driver of the car that swerved into the power lines. The driver of that car, a sport utility vehicle, suffered only minor injuries as a result of the crash. He was, though, visibly distressed, witnesses affirmed.

He was later transported to a local hospital in the Phoenix area where he was treated for his injuries.

Utility officials confirmed that as a result of the incident, power was knocked out to more than 1,800 homes in the area. Crews worked tirelessly to restore power, but the significant damage caused by the car crash impeded their efforts, officials affirmed.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the car crash.