North Carolina Man Files Yasmin Lawsuit over Daughter’s Death

North Carolina Man Files Yasmin Lawsuit over Daughter's DeathA North Carolina man claims his 15-year-old daughter died of pulmonary embolisms after taking Yasmin and Ocella, which were prescribed as a treatment for her acne.

According to the Courthouse News Service, Scott Prewitt claims Bayer, the maker of Yasmin, was responsible for "aggressively" marketing the drug for uses considered off-label and "ignored" the risks that were linked to the contraceptive.

The lawsuit is the latest legal action regarding Yasmin, as the contraceptive has been linked to serious side effects including death in the past. Ocella is the generic form of the drug, according to the news source.

Earlier this year, the mother of a former college student sued Bayer claiming her daughter died of cardiac arrest after taking Yasmin to treat her acne.

In the lawsuit filed by Prewitt, the father cites previous studies that have linked drospirenone – an ingredient in the contraceptive – to instances of pulmonary embolisms and death, according to the news source.

"Bayer defendants have been warned multiple times by the FDA for misleading the public through use of television advertisements which overstate the efficiency of Yasmin and Yaz and minimize serious risks associated with the drug," Prewitt added.