North Carolina Car Crash Kills Three Generations

North Carolina Car Crash Kills Three GenerationsOn Saturday, August 20, a woman, her daughter and her granddaughter were killed while driving home to New York after a trip to Disney World when the SUV they were traveling in blew a tire and crashed, New York One reports.

According to the news source, 71-year-old Rose Marte, her daughter Angela Marte, 46, and her 22-year-old granddaughter were all killed in the accident, which occurred on Interstate 95 in Wilson, North Carolina, near Raleigh.

Rosanny Marte was driving the SUV when the tire experienced a blow-out, allegedly causing her to lose control of the vehicle, which then flipped. One witness told the news provider they had observed the vehicle driving erratically before the blow-out occurred.

"She ran off of the left side of the road, traveled back across the interstate, ran off the right side in the emergency strip. And the vehicle, she overcorrected at that point and the vehicle began to overturn," North Carolina Highway Patrol Officer Lee Cox stated.

Investigators found that all three victims were not wearing their seatbelts, while five other family members in the car, who were hospitalized and are expected to recover quickly, were wearing seatbelts.

Officer Cox added that initial investigation found that two of the deceased were ejected from the car, and that if they had been wearing seatbelts, it would have "definitely increased the chances" that they would have survived the crash, according to the media outlet.

Alcohol does not appear to have been a contributing factor in the crash.

The news of the family's death hit their neighbors in Washington Heights, New York, hard.

"It's outrageous to me, this is a big tragedy. Three generations gone in an instant." a family friend said.

According to the Highway Safety Research Center, there were 209,965 reported crashes in North Carolina in 2009.