New York Woman Wins Settlement From NYC Transit

A New York woman won a $300,000 settlement from NYC Transit.A Staten Island woman involved in a 2006 bus accident has settled a personal injury lawsuit with the New York City Transit Authority for $300,000, according to media reports.

The plaintiff, Lydia Batson, sued the city after experiencing neck injuries that required surgery as a result of a collision on a Manhattan-bound city bus on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Batson’s lawyer told the Staten Island Advance that the injuries his client experienced disturbed a pre-existing condition that Batson had developed after a 2003 accident involving a city bus.

Batson reportedly settled her previous personal injury suit for about $10,000, which was paid by NYC Transit and another co-defendant.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has declined to comment on the settlement.

Severe neck injuries may occur as the result of whiplash in a car accident, according to WebMD, although they may also be caused by falls, a direct blow to the head and sports-related injuries. The website said pain from an injury may come on suddenly and serious injuries may require surgery and physical therapy.