Five Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Motorcycle riding does not have to be dangerous. A rider who follows the rules and takes time to protect themselves will have a better chance at arriving home safely after a long ride. Here are five tips for a motorcyclist who wants to ride safely.

Before every ride: Most bikers will jump on their bike and take off. While it is tempting to jump on the bike and start riding, a serious rider should inspect their motorcycle before every ride. The rider should make sure that the signal lights and brakes work. The motorcycle owner should also verify that the bike does not have any other mechanical problems. It is essential to verify that the bike functions properly before going on every ride.

Leave enough room: When riding a motorcycle, do not follow too closely. A biker must be far enough behind other cars that he or she can stop safely in any situation. Remember, rear-ending another car with a motorcycle can be a serious, if not fatal accident.

Wear proper safety equipment: A biker should wear a helmet, protective body gear, and comfortable shoes. When the rider wears a helmet and all the necessary safety gear, they have a greater chance at avoiding serious injury should an accident occur.

Avoid poor weather: When on a motorcycle, one must be aware of weather conditions.

Ride within skills: Many beginner riders think they are invincible. While it may be tempting to ride like a professional, a beginner should take it easy on the open road. Many motorcycle riders crash when they jump on their bike and try to ride like a professional.

A motorcycle rider must understand that car drivers may not see them on the road as clearly as another vehicle. When riding, one must exercise extreme caution and check twice when making any move. In the end, a rider who rides within their ability and wears the proper safety equipment will be safer on the open road.